Toni's Story

Anyone who listened to 'Toni's' story on Radio 4 this morning and failed to be moved... well...

Ellee Seymour has made this subject her own, so do take a look at her thoughts, but I would add that I think prostitution should be legalised. Many of the problems that working women struggle with relate to the legality of their profession.

'Toni' did not expect still to be working in the industry; she expected to have found a way out. But she was doing it for her children in a hope that she can give them a better start than she had. If all parents had that ability to sacrifice, how much better would they all be? How sad that her sacrifice has to be so extreme — how much worse that she must fear becoming a criminal for doing something that causes no harm to anyone else.

Like many old laws, this law attempts to protect prostitutes from themselves and, instead, makes life much harder for them. I am not, though, some ideologue on this subject — BBC Three showed a most depressing programme about a legal brothel in Nevada — I just wish we could help them more.

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