On political impotence

In response to Ken and Ellee (who commented on the earlier post) you will be glad to hear that I am somewhat more calm about the whole issue of the Core Strategy this evening.

The Policy and Strategy meeting was preceded by a Group meeting where I was assured that some of my concerns were shared but that, as the Officers had advised, were central government dictats.

While I do think what I had to say was important last night — there would be nothing to be gained from saying the same things to the same Officers in this new forum.

I do hope that people read what I have pointed out and tell people they know about the shameful centralisation of power.

Elections to local positions do have several decisions hanging off of them, not least the Council Tax settlement that we discussed this evening in preparation for the budget meetings of the Full Council next year.

I strongly urge people to attend Council and committee (where applicable) meetings and to have read the agenda in advance... It is democracy in action — but those in the British government should not be surprised that turn-out falls when they know that local politicians are impotent and British politicians deaf to their voter's requests and demands.

Further, the central government should not be surprised that interest in general elections is dropping when they know that 75-80% of decisions are made by the European Commission (and rubber stamped — no more — by the EU Parliament).

Finally, and if any of you have read this far, I would like to make clear that the title of the earlier post "I am powerless" was not meant to sound like the lament of a disappointed megolamaniac as has been suggested to me more than once!

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