Copyright vs. Face-mashing

In response to my last post and Chris of Strange Stuff.

If someone commits a crime then you really are helping them by going through all the early stages but the ASBO fails, ultimately.

As you imply with your post about copyright infringement, this government's priorities are the wrong way around. People should be protected from those amongst us who would hurt others. Copyright infringement, I suggest, is mostly a reflection of the media industry's failure to keep up with modern technology.

Far fewer people would download music if shops were able to sell music online, to be downloaded, at prices lower than a CD costs. That iTunes is routinely more expensive than while having saddled the music with anti-copyright-infringement devices that can be avoided by burning and re-ripping is a sad reflection on their desire to make money out of a legitimate business.

If given the choice of buying an MP3 from iTunes or similar or buying a CD, I will buy a CD. But if people only want one track from an album they have a stark choice: Pay 79p (extortionate) for the sullied track from iTunes, or download it for free from a P2P application.

Wow, have I gotten off track here...

Anyway, while I can understand small-scale piracy, I cannot understand the mentality of someone who would shove broken glass in someone's face. But apparently Mr Brown (PM in waiting) thinks the priority is the other way around...

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