Defending the Indefensible

Poor Ed Vaisey (see the last post if I mis-spelled it). He was on NewsNight tonight with Jon Gaunt (a true Conservative) trying to defend Cameron's failure to sound like a Conservative.

Worse, he did a bad job of it. Interrupting the other speaker when you cannot possibly have any idea what he is in the process of saying is just silly and makes you look immature.

But, Mr Gaunt, you don't get off scot-free. The Sun, which I am told he writes for, is primarily responsible for MPs thinking that the sensible position on political items is left-of-centre. It was the Sun "wot won it" in 1997 and, if you believed the 1997 manifesto by Blair, you could be forgiven for voting for it. However Mr Gaunt's paper, for fear I assume, of seeming out of touch, then opposed Hague and Howard when it was obvious to all that New Labour was Old Labour with clever tactics and extra facism.

The Sun, if it really wanted a tough stance on the EU, immigration, crime, education standards et al, should have supported those unpopular Conservative leaders. It is far too easy to now say that Cameron's not doing what they want. They must take responsibility for what is going to happen to English politics.

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