Peter Willows Assaulted by the State

It is depressing that I have to use the same caveats every time I comment on this story, but it is safer to do so:
1. I do not agree with what Peter Willows, Brighton & Hove City Councillor for Hangleton Ward said in May
2. I think Peter Willows should be replaced by the Conservative Party's selectors before the next election and that, were he not, he should be voted out

But how can it be right (it isn't, just so you know), that a statement of his opinion which he even moved to deny, has caused him to be convicted of a public order offence (BBC News, Pink News)?

In general society you should be allowed to say absolutely whatever you like whether it would be polite to or not. But as a politician it is even more important. I don't want to vote for someone who it turns out has thoughts that they're not allowed to express. This is supposed to be a liberal and free country!

But what is worse. What really makes the vomit return to your throat, is that the Liberal Democrats in Brighton (those that claim to support the freedoms we hold so dear) called for, and celebrated, a guilty verdict. Isn't it the case, then, that the Liberal Democrats only stand up for ne'er do wells and minorities?

I hope Pink News will forgive me for quoting them here:
Jay Nemes and Johnny Core are two Brighton based gay men, they gave the disgraced councillor £40 towards his court costs after the verdict.

Mr Nemes told The Argus: "Freedom of speech in England ended on December 12, 2006.
Damn right.

I said before that the facism against freedom of speech tempts me to say something illegal as a protest... The trouble is there's nothing I think that's illegal... yet.

I hope Paul Elgood and Warren Morgan lose their seats.


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