The Pianist

I watched The Pianist this evening.

It is, like Schlinders List and Life is Beautiful, a fantastic film but, while Schlinder's List showed you the evil of Nazi Germany when compared with the good of the main character, The Pianist shows it from the view of someone who tries to survive the Nazi regime.

I am moved by this film and, once again, depressed that humanity can sink to such lows. It is easy to think, as I think the film's main family did, that it could never happen to you. The truth is countries, societies and humanity at large are only paces away from such disaster the whole time. I like to think that if anything like that were to happen here and now, we'd be able to do something, make a stand and stop it. I hope it wouldn't take as long as V for Vendetta's storyline suggested for that to happen.

I like to think that, but I think this may just be hope on my part.

Let us remember that Blair's government was probably only elected on the basis of his charisma. Let us consider, when making our important voting choice, that Blair's Acts like RIPA and the various Terrorism Acts are not far away from the oppression in much fiction and in history.

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