Saddam punished

I have been wanting to post on the subject all day but I wanted to spend some time to let it sink in before making a snap-comment.

Well, I've taken that time and my reaction hasn't changed. I am delighted.

If that man had organised the torture of my relatives or loved ones I would be delighted. So how wrong would it be for me to dilute that delight because I'd not met those whose relatives were tortured, murdered and raped?

There are plenty of do-gooders out there today, noisily condemning this. Some complain that the Hague was not used (why that should be necessary is beyond me, but given that the Hague is weak and anti-death penalty, I think the better result has happened). Some complain that it was not a fair trial and, while I am uncomfortable with the political interference, I am reassured that it was deemed legal by the Iraqi constitution.

I am not making judgements of the relative evil of the two (and you must if you want to disagree with the following point: How many people think it would have been better if the Nazi regime were imprisoned?

This is a good day for the US and Britain's wrong war — we must not let the legality of the war or the effectiveness of the war-makers' planning colour our judgement of this serious resolution.

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