Barnet's Bad Now

Not so long ago David Cameron was describing the English as (in my words) ignorant little irritations that get in the way of Scotland's greatness. The Barnet Formula, it was said, was beyond criticism and, to quote directly was "good for the stability of the UK".

Suddenly the Telegraph carries a survey showing overwhelming support for my favourite Campaign (the Campaign for an English Parliament), Tony Blair accepts that England wants a Parliament (link) and the Conservatives have a change of heart:

According to the Times Tories claim Scottish subsidy is feeding break-up of Union.

You all know I'm no Unionist -- I favour a complete break-up of all those Unions that rule us, British and European -- but this volte-face is good news even if it stinks of opportunism and responding to the news. Parties should not respond to the news, they should have an opinion and allow the public to decide whether they like it or not. Otherwise, what's the point of parties?

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