Core Strategy (why it is wrong)

I ranted, in my last post, about the Core Strategy and I told you that it wasn't Conservative at all. I also told you that this was because of dictats from our so-cherished central government.

I did point you to the document in question, but it is 65 pages so here are the sections that particularly have made me angry:
  • H3 on page 48 of the PDF (42 as numbered on the document)
  • H3 on pages 49 and 50 of the PDF
  • H5 on page 50 of the PDF
  • T4 on page 58 of the PDF
Each of these points (with the possible exception of H5) should not feature in a Conservative Council's strategy and, I am sure, would not were it not for the heavy-handedness of Whitehall.

And let's not allow all the blame fall on Whitehall directly — some of these requirements are handed down by the entirely unelected, undemocratic and unnecessary Regional Assembly. This is a puppet of the British government and a requirement of the European government.

I will be talking to the party about this document this evening and making my views known at Policy and Strategy committee after that. Unfortunately I will not be at the Full Council meeting on 9 January...

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