The Christmas Message

Leanne asked for a debate and BBC Radio 4 provided the source this morning.

Apparently 50% of 11 year olds in England do not know why we celebrate Christmas. This was, according to the Reverend who was invited on, a disaster for English education and parents of those children should be ashamed.

The reverend quoted the census which said that 70% of people in England considered themselves Christian and said we should expect at least 70% of children, therefore, to know the story.

But there are several flaws here:
  1. Parents tend to be in their thirties and are far more likely to be of the atheist generation
  2. Children are not being failed if they are not taught this by their school
  3. If 50% of parents have not filled this 'gap' in school education what right does anyone have to say this is important to them?
That said, I don't think it is a good idea that children are brought up not knowing about religions. It makes them far easier prey as university students (at that vulnerable age) to cults and organised religious evangelists.

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