Conservatives on Trident

I completely agree:
The key arguments for retaining and, when necessary, replacing our current nuclear deterrent are:
• The Unpredictability of the International System. Any decision about whether to replace Trident has to be made against the background of an assessment of the threats we will face in the period 2025-55. History shows that our record of predicting the outbreak of wars or international crises is poor. Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait took the world by surprise. And no-one 20 years ago could have imagined that the Soviet Union would collapse, and that today our main enemy today would be Islamist fundamentalism. The nuclear deterrent acts as our ultimate insurance policy in a world of unpredictable threats.
• Emerging Threats. We live in an age of global nuclear proliferation rather than global nuclear disarmament. A number of potentially hostile states are trying to acquire mass destruction weapons to further their ambitions and to pose a potential threat to the West. North Korea has this year acquired a nuclear weapons capability. Iran is also refusing to abide by its international obligations on nuclear technology. We need a nuclear deterrent in this increasingly dangerous world.

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