Save our Science

First, a declaration of interest: I am a member of the Planetary Society.

Second, the Planetary Society has started a petition to save the scientific purpose of space exploration as performed by NASA. The Bush administration (famed for its Amish-esque grasp of science) is making swingeing cuts to the one part of the US state system not geared specifically at military dominance.

We must explore the universe beyond the confines of this planet for the simple reason that we will, beyond a shadow of a doubt face the annihilation of our species if we rely on this planet. If, by some bizarre fluke we were to survive as a species long enough (avoiding asteroid or super-volcano eruptions) the Earth will be destroyed by the sun's goodbye message.

Of course, the truth is humanity will not survive that long.

In order to progress we must leave Earth. We must do that as soon as possible. This is not the typical doom-mongering that accompanies Jehovah Witness visits on the doorstep. Nor is it the same as those prophets of doom the environMENTALISTs... No, this is science-fact.

Get yourself over to Save Our Science, and sign the petition.


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