Second Choices

Bill Cameron points out the Telegraph's YouGov UK Polling Report result about second preferences.

I am dually depressed that Conservatives might list the Liberal Democrats or BNP as their second preference. Liberal Democrats support socialist economic policies while the BNP supports facist social policies... What in either of their manifestos is attractive to Conservatives?

I have to ask whether some of those Conservatives who list the LibDems as their second choice are fresh Cameroon converts from that party...

Helpfully Conservative Home have made the results into little graphs, but these graphs highlight the various questions the results pose; what of this question, for example: What proportion of socialists (Lib Dem and Labour) would plump for the BNP as second choice — for obvious reasons I hope it would be low, but I fear it would be rather higher than 12%. What proportion of UKIP voters list which parties as their second choice? Was BNP, UKIP or Green offered as a first choice and, if not, did people who appear in the other party's first choice columns really fit in the first choice category or did they have to choose one of the main three parties?


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