Sayeeda Warsi and Nigel Farage

Sayeeda Warsi and Nigel Farage both put on a great show in last night's Question Time. I really appreciated Sayeeda's response to the ridiculous question of apologising for slavery.

It is depressing to me that the country that brought about the end of open slavery is being asked to apologise by racist black people with victim complexes and their white do-gooder pals. I have said it a million times (probably) before, but black and white are adjectives and there's absolutely no sense in discriminating between the two — I mention the colours in the previous sentence because of the relevance to the discussion. How depressing, incidentally, that I have to say that each time I say something that the aforementioned might find racist.

Anyway, Sayeeda asked whether, if her grandmother so desired, Sayeeda would be apologising on behalf of the British for the Raj, or receiving the apology on their behalf: "Would I be part of the group apologising, or would I be apologised to?"

Similarly a chap in the audience (who deserves fame for the question):
"Should Denmark, Norway and Sweden apologise to the UK for 300 years of violent terror inflicted on our ancestors by the Vikings... [pause for applause] nearly 900 years ago?"
Nigel and Sayeeda also made excellent, and not-incompatible comments about the kidnap of British sailors in Iraqi waters and subsequent abuse via the cameras. With so little information available, I feel it would be wrong to comment further on that.


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