May Day for Nurses

While record investment (I'll qualify that) is going into the NHS and, in fact, all public services, we learn today that Gordon Brown isn't paying that to the front-line staff.

While police work has increasingly moved from walking the beat in areas where crime is being committed to sitting behind desks filling in form or in cars waiting for a motorist doing 71mph and while the fire brigade have been putting our overstretched army to work doing their job because they don't like their massive salaries, the job for doctors and nurses has stayed relentlessly the same (with the added burden of targets that are not focussed on the patient or outcomes generally).

So it is with my whole heart that I implore you to add your support to this website: May Day for Nurses.

And now for that qualification I promised: What Gordon Brown calls "record investment" I would call "record taxation". These are vehemently not the same thing and anyone who can see the meagre improvement in NHS financing, the massive drops in police station opening hours and feet on the streets, can appreciate that record taxation does not mean good value for money, and well run, services. The Conservatives underspent in the late 1980s and 1990s when they should have been maintaining the spending while the reforms had not yet worked... But that underspend then is not resolved by this waste now.

Why can the Labour Party not see that?


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