Deputy Conservative Chairman on EU Membership

John Maples has thrown a spanner in the works for any Conservative who shares the sensible and logical position of opposition to the EU:
(3) Thatcherite: “What is the Candidates Department's policy on Parliamentary candidates signing up to support The Freedom Association's "Better Off Out" campaign? Are Parliamentary candidates allowed to publicly advocate withdrawal from the European Union?”

This campaign is contrary to party policy and we will take a dim view of any candidate who signs up to it. We expect candidates, before and after selection to support party policy (and I hope to continue to do so after they have been elected as well!)
Regular readers will know I am a strong support of the Better Off Out campaign and I'm a member of the The Freedom Association which, I believe, started BOO.

If the Conservative Party wants to maintain the support of its grass roots who provide so much of the party's funding then they need to realise that the vast majority of us support leaving the EU.

Worse, it appears the Party chairman and his deputy want MPs and candidates to be carbon-copies of each other. What is the point of having more than one MP if they all do, think and say the same thing?


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