NHS Prescription charges

First a declaration of interest: As a coeliac I must get my gluten free flour, pasta and bread by prescription. So, yes, I would like not to have to pay for that prescription.

But I don't actually mind paying for a prescription — it's something that I've always had to do. What I do object to is paying for a prescription while other people in the same country, paying the same taxes and earning the same money do not. Worse, these people are having their prescriptions paid for using my taxes.

What am I talking about? Well from the 1st of April the Welsh will have their prescriptions for free while the English will be slapped with a prescription charge increase. Why would this be? Because we have no advocacy on our behalf — that advocacy that could be made by an English Parliament.

Actually while we're on the subject, the Welsh Assembly is a slap in the face for the Welsh. While Scotland has a full-blown Parliament, Wales has something not much different to a talking shop. Better than England, yes, but worse than Scotland.

The UKIP policy on this issue, once again, makes most sense. Either that or the CEP's proposition.

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