Don't use your PC

I have recently discovered classical music thanks to Radio 4 being dull one day and Classic FM being great!

So yesterday I bought Classic FM magazine and played the cover CD. Vivaldi's Four Seasons 'Spring' sounds amazing on my hi-fi but, when played through my PC's soundcard and out into the same amplifier it sounds awful: dull, shallow and lifeless.

I'm also fascinated that two CD copies of the same piece of music (but by different orchestras) sound completely different with different emphasis, even, level of emotional response.

When the copyright expires on today's Rock and Pop etc. will we have similar non-karaoke diversity in interpretations of these? Rather than the current, rather poor cover versions perhaps we'll have such an exciting variety of versions of Beatles, Oasis songs?

Forgive me for this rambling, I went into work this morning...

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