Ripping CDs

This may sound strange from a self-confessed semi-geek (okay, people at work would call me a geek, but that's not fair), but I've not ripped a CD for several years (until recently).

Actually, reinforcing the geek charge, I don't buy that much music. I like only a small amount of music and, as a Radio 4 listener, I don't hear much new stuff except via friends. So the music I have I already ripped several years ago.

The reason I am telling you this is because way back then, when I ripped them, it took a heck of a time for each track to convert. I believe, though I may be wrong, that the last time I ripped a CD it was back when I had a Pentium running at 166Mhz. So imagine (try, at least) to imagine my delight at how fast an entire CD can be ripped on my Core 2 Duo. I really (really) couldn't believe it.

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