Full Council tonight

There's a Full Council meeting tonight at 7pm in the Adur Civic Centre.

I don't feel there is anything contentious but that's obviously a subjective thing. You are more than welcome and you can see a copy of the Agenda in advance.

Having said there's nothing contentious, I am a little concerned about Fair Trade in respect of the Council's work but I don't believe there are any suggestions that we may become a "Fair Trade Council".

Without turning this brief post to advise you about the Council's meeting tonight into a long debate on Free Trade I would like to say just this:

Fair Trade is a solution to a problem of our own making. Would it not be better for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU and the US equivalent to be replaced with free trade? Would we not, by doing that, open up free and fair competition between third world growers and those in Europe and America? The answer, clearly, is yes.

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