Wii - Everyone Votes

Not long ago Nintendo added "Everyone Votes" to the Wii Channel list. This allows you to vote on many unimportant but potentially interesting polls. You also have the opportunity to predict which answer will collect most votes.

What prompted me to tell you this is the latest survey result for the United Kingdom. The question was: "You have some free time. What do you do?" and the possible answers were "Go out and party" and "Stay home and relax". I voted for "Stay home and relax" but predicted the majority would go for "Go out and party".

Interestingly though the results were different and revealing. 30% chose "Go out and party". The breakdown shows that result is the same in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is even not different between the genders. The most interesting part, though, was the prediction accuracy. About a third of people guessed correctly.

Does this say that people are ashamed to admit liking a quiet evening in? Does it explain the popularity of DVD, large screen TVs and the Wii itself? Or does it reflect the sort of person that the Wii appeals to — and reveal that the Wii has failed to attract the new audience that Nintendo was aiming at?

I think those answers are yes, yes and no respectively.


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