The Famous West Lothian Question

Well done Della Petch from East Yorkshire. On Daily Politics this morning:
"Tony Blair must stay until an English Parliament is set up. If Gordon Brown becomes ruler of England we'll be headed by a man who has been elected in another country but ruling one he has no mandate to govern."
In response to which a guest made his views clear by citing an unknown opinion poll which said that the majority do not mind a Scottish Prime Minister. But what has really got my goat is that Andrew Neil, the presenter who presumably must follow the BBC's non-bias requirements, said "Well obviously the majority of people are very sensible."

Well, no, they're not, if the poll can be believed. While everyone knows most laws are now made in the EU, the vast majority of the remainder are devolved to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. This means that the vast majority of the work done in the UK Parliament is for England only. He could never lose his seat on the basis of his actions in England!

And no, Andrew Neil, I don't have an opinion about "Scottish people" any more than I do about "black people" or people with big noses... It would be meaningless. I do not mind a Scottish TV presenter any more than I would mind a blonde TV presenter — I do mind a presenter who makes a throw-away negative remark about a perfectly valid and complex political point.

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