News of the World about the EU

The following is from the News of the World:
Blair's sly Euro sell-out
By Ian Kirby

TONY BLAIR is about to secretly sign Britain over to a federal Europe... FOREVER.
The News of the World can reveal the Prime Minister intends to rubber-stamp the European Constitution without consulting his likely successor Chancellor Gordon Brown — not to mention British voters.

Mr Blair has PERSONALLY pushed forward plans for a permanent EU President and Foreign Minister as one of his last acts before he stands down as premier.

He will travel to Berlin on March 25 to sign the 50-page agreement, Declaration on the Future of Europe.

Far from a simple "declaration", this is a binding treaty which embodies "basic laws" for 490 million people in 27 countries.


Its proposals were set out in the despised constitution, already crushingly rejected by voters across Europe.
Later in the article...
And there should be no cunning plans to bring bits and pieces of the constitution through the back door.

Every political party should sign up to our pledge that there can be no new EU treaties that hand over more power from Britain to the EU without the British people having the final say in a referendum.

The tragedy is that the EU could be spending its time so much better. If the EU reformed it could do so much for our economy, for our environment and for global poverty. That is what Europe's leaders ought to focus on when they make their grand declaration next month.
I am sorry Ian Kirby, for not adding any comment, but I think it is important that this piece gets wide circulation. Let's hear Cameron complain about this more loudly than Mr Farage please.

Thank you Mr Sane for the heads up.


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