Tories on Road Pricing

congestionApparently the Conservative Party's spokespeople / leader are trying to push me into outright criticism.

Why in God's own name would my party be supporting any sort of road pricing? People don't drive into congestion for the sake of it, they don't think to themselves "Well I could take a nice empty train, but I'd rather queue in traffic on the M25." No, they think "Christ I'd really like to avoid that traffic jam but I really can't." They don't think "Hmmm, petrol's really expensive, I'll waste some in a queue on the M25." No, they think "I wish there was a cheaper way of getting me, my friend and our luggage to [destination here] so I could avoid wasting petrol and precious blood pressure units in that queue."

So what does road pricing do to that person who, because he is sane doesn't like queuing in congestion, but does anyway?

It makes them poorer. It is beyond madness that the party of the common man (Labour) is proposing this, but for the party of fairness and economic vitality to support it in any form just beggars belief.

Self-respecting Conservatives should be opposed to taxing road usage so that only the rich can afford to travel. It was over 100 years ago that the advent of railways to towns like Brighton made travel available to the masses. Let us not regress under the banner of environmentalism/concern about congestion.

Once again, sadly for someone who has been a Conservative member since they were 17, the UK Indepence Party is leading on this issue.


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