Media priorities

Excited geeks often say that the blogosphere is the future of news. I am sure they're right when it comes to politics, but for most other news stories, there's not much to choose between old and new media.

Why has the BBC completely ignored this story? This story proves (note, proves) that the EU is not a supra-national organisation. Rather it is a complete nation state which houses former nation states. France's Constitution (its very essence) is now secondary to EU law.

Also, the BBC keeps this story as a sub-story, while in actual fact it is proof of a backlash against government misuse of power. Of course we cannot condone the letter bombs, and I feel guilty about even writing this sentence, but the government should not be surprised about the pent up anger surfacing. The Road Traffic Act 1991 is a horrendous piece of legislation (thank you Mrs Thatcher) and each subsequent car-related law has just added to the horrendity (a new word that I have coined today).

I am continually annoyed that the fact that we have the second Scottish Transport Minister in a row doesn't get some coverage either. Transport is a devolved matter so what Douglas Alexander (and before him Alistair Darling) is proposing will not affect his constituents (those who vote for him) only those in England. No doubt the Ministers of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) will vote down any similar legislation that would affect them. Shouldn't devolved matters be handled by MPs representing a constituency in the country they affect?

Update: It appears the excellent John East of Prison Works fame agrees.


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