Young Muslims, then

So young Muslims are more keen on the hijab, more keen on Sharia law and generally less happy with modern Britain than are older Muslims according to a survey released today.

But then I have a similar problem. My parents and grandmother never experience the ferral nature of some youths in the centre of town on a Saturday night. The youth experience that my parent's generation tell of is completely different to that of today. While they would agree with me that respect has been eroded, they do not realise by how much. A teen (no more than 14) eye-balled me yesterday as he crossed the road in front of my car causing me to break heavily.

So young Muslims are disappointed with British society and it's lack of respect — the respect that their parents were so careful to teach them. They share with the nice people of other religions and none, a concern for the state of things. This might be reassuring... It might, but isn't.

Christians, Jews and Hindus don't call for Sharia law, and nor do I or anyone else I know. I don't want the hijab to obscure and impose upon ladies. I don't think that homosexuality or multi-ethnic relationships are a sin. Muslims are choosing Sharia as a solution because it is an option in their religion. But political Islam is not the only solution.

Let's have a penal system that emphasises the "penal", let's punish unambiguously those who are not willing to act civily. Rather than imprisoning people without trial, as the government is doing, to combat terrorism, let's combat the disrespectful society. Out with ASBOs and in with prison. Commit a second offence and ramp up the punishment and if the offender has committed more than one offence before being caught, no concurrent sentences!

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