Big Brother

I soooo intended to never post on the subject of Big Brother but I have to.

Big Brother, I am told, has been host to inter-guest bullying before in the past. But frankly what I saw on the news just now (are you getting the subtle, 'I never watch that trash' hints?) is unacceptable.

Channel 4 knows what will happen if no intervention is made, but they seem reluctant to turn their backs on the extra advertising income. I said in my complaint to Ofcom:
That this programme is allowed to continue in the same format that has previously resulted in a glorification of racism is apalling and a reflection on the UK, Channel Four and Ofcom.
At least Shilpa Shetty can take reassurance from the fact that her antagonisers are chavs and that they are attacking her because she is beautiful and a gentle personality.

It's even reached Forbes.

Update — 19:35 17 January 2007

Why do those who represent anti-racism groups always espouse the qualities of a particular ethnic group? What utter hypocrisy: It's not about the quality of a particular race — it's about the complete IRRELEVANCE.

Also, I'd like to point out that racism (e.g. BNP support) often comes out of the mouths of people you would otherwise describe as chavs. I am routinely not surprised that racism is the norm among Labour voters.

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