Superior Person's Book of Words

My secret santa present for the Christmas just gone was The Superior Person's Book of Words which I am sure is not a comment on any form of confidence I possess... Nor is it, I suggest, a reflection of my sesquipedalian nature. No, this was a gift for me because I like to study language. I am sure.

Anyway, I managed to find some time after work and before eating this evening to read some of the book. And it really is fantastic. I mean who, once they learnt the term, could avoid using "et hoc genus omne" instead of "etc."? Who could fail to love the verb "gralloch"...? Who indeed.

So I now forewarn you — I will be dropping words from the books into my future posts and I will not be providing a translation. I may also make some ad hoc posts just to highlight a new word because it is so great. Prepare to be concerned for my geekiness, or delighted with your new found source of words (you can buy the book at the link above and provide me with a little commission). Lucky you.

In fact, you could say I will be using grandiloquisms.


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