Orwellian irony

I didn't know George Orwell, but I am pretty sure he'd have liked the irony.

Someone says what they think on a programme named after his (arguably) most famous book and the state's enforcers, the police, say they will investigate said utterer for violations of the non-freedom of speech laws.

Whether you think Jade Goody's a vile bigot or an ignorant fool (both is also an option), you must agree that the police should have no remit in what people say and think. Mustn't you?

Let's tell our legislators that we do not want freedom of speech restricting laws — and tell the police that we want them to tackle crimes against person and property. Talking out of turn is a minor priority and, while the police are failing to solve such a large proportion of reported crimes and while you're more likely to see ten traffic police before you see a bobby on the beat, they should not be investigating television personalities ('personalities' used loosely here) for what they say.

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