Have Your Say

I've been asked to comment on today's Have Your Say topics on the BBC site. So here goes:

Tesco is successful for providing what people want when they want it with free parking. It's not hard. Also, as Tesco's not a monopoly I do not think the Competition Commission has any remit at all. Leave them alone.

Ship-wrecked goods are people's property. It is unambiguous and I am apalled that any moral individual could claim to defend the actions. If the goods are unwanted, fine, let the owner say so before you take it... Otherwise you could look through someone's window, see their TV in the kitchen and say "They don't need that." One of the commenters said that the majority on the BBC site must be middle class to be outraged. Well, I'm glad to be middle class if it means I have morals.

I have often said to people that a victimless act should not be the subject of morality (as with homosexuality, eating pork etc.) — this vehemently has victims.

Finally, the Catholics have announced that bigotry is to continue. What more could I say?

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