The year starts

After Christmas and my holiday, next week is the beginning of Council meetings in earnest. I'll post more on those things as they happen. As a return to 'proper' political things I wonder if any of you saw two things on television yesterday that caught my attention.

First, Nigel Farage was on Sky News about 8.30pm and he said absolutely nothing that any self-respecting human could disagree with.

Second, was Malcolm Rifkind and a Scottish Labour MP representing an English constituency discussing the need for an English Parliament. The idea of English Votes on English Matters (EVoEM) is a little more complex according to Malcolm Rifkind who imagines an English Grand Committee rather than just the British Parliament with a smaller constituency... This is interesting. The Campaign for an English Parliament, and especially Tom Waterhouse, have discussed the problems of the Conservative policy but Malcolm Rifkind's explanation does reduce the number of concerns.

Again, sadly, the UKIP policy on the democratic deficit caused by assymetrical devolution is more complete, but at least the parliamentary Conservative party don't think their policy of EVoEM can work as simply as the title suggests...

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