Shoreham footbridge

My second post today is a request.

Shoreham-by-Sea's footbridge is an amazingly convenient structure. Shoreham Beach is effectively an island on the south side of the Adur River connected by a single road on the west side of the river.

Connect2 the sustainable transport charity is showing 140 projects on its website of which 65 will fail in the first round. One of those is Shoreham's footbridge.

Pledge your support here.

Here's what I said:
This bridge forms a vital link from Shoreham Beach to the rest of Shoreham and especially the town centre. It is particularly important from an environmental point of view because of its link directly to the town centre from a residential area and, in the other direction, for people travelling from the railway station to Shoreham's best beaches and the Shoreham Nature Reserve on the beach.
See the detail of the project here. If you think you know what it should look like, enter the competition here.

Where's the current bridge then? Well, seeing as you ask, it's here: Shoreham Footbridge on Local Live.


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