iTunes and the EU

iTunes is being investigated by the European Commission (the nasty, non-democratic part of the EU).

They are right to do so, though:

If I want to buy something from one part of the EU I should be able to as we are in one market. If I am restricted from doing that, for licensing or systemic reasons, then I am being denied fair competition especially given that iTunes in England costs more than in Germany or France.

DRM is also in the news recently as iTunes is able to offer some tracks without the crazy product damage (I mean DRM of course). This is a piece of good news — let's see if Apple can sort out the other problem that the EU (normally satan's governor, currently benefactor or technophiles) is investigating.

Finally, remember that, as the presenter said on iTunes this lunch time, DRM can be stripped from iTunes files by writing them to CD and then re-ripping them (which is, despite the presenter's concerns, totally legal 'fair use'.


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