iTunes Infuriates

Gah! I get so annoyed with iTunes.

I am now actively abusing it. Take this album released in 2003, for example. None of the music on the album is within copyright and so the only payment that need be made is to the musicians and Apple. So how much is it?

Well the price on iTunes (no delivery remember) is £9.48 for the album or shockingly, £22.91 if you buy each track separately. The same album can be duplicated onto a CD, have a label printed and inserted into the case, artists paid their dues and be shipped from the United States using good old fashioned aeroplanes for £5.99.

Perversely, it's cheaper to have it shipped from California than it is from New Jersey, but that failure of logic aside, how can Apple justify that? When Apple sell it they pay the same amounts to the artists (one assumes, if not less for having such a large potential market) and have none of the overheads associated with storage or media creation. And what's the betting that the non-copyright (remember) classical album will be crippled with DRM?

If you have iTunes installed and you are tempted to buy an album — listen to it on iTunes but for the love of all things frugal, buy it in CD form.


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