PC number 2

Shortly before installing Vista RC1 I upgraded my motherboard and processor (and so, by default, memory) from the Intel 3.2Ghz HT processor to an Intel Core 2 Duo 6300. I was surprised by the speed increase.

Now I may have mentioned on my blog before the crash that I rely on my PC for TV. Since trying Vista Beta 2 I sold my nasty 20" CRT TV and started using Vista's lovely Media Center [sic] with a freeview-equipped TV card.

And then, when I replaced my PC, the TV card would not work with Vista and the motherboard. This is a known problem with the P5W DH Deluxe motherboard so I have since discovered... So what to do about watching TV?

For a day I returned to Windows XP and attempted to use the Hauppauge software — it was intolerable. So I came to terms with being TV-less for a while and started watching 18 Doughty Street, You Tube and DVDs instead.

Last weekend, though, the BBC started showing Torchwood. So I decided to resurrect my old PC. Unfortunately I only have Vista RC1 in 64bit format and the old 3.2Ghz processor isn't up to it. So I'm back with Beta 2.

So, the reason I am writing this...? Just to let the geeks among you know that I am now running Vista Beta 2 on one PC and Vista RC1 64bit on another right next to each other. It's amazing how many changes were made that you forget about.

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