Focus groups vs. BBC Have Your Say

The BBC's Have Your Say continues to impress since they removed their interference -- the most recommended responses are almost always right. Consider right now:

Should modern Britain be a more secular society?
The most popular response is:
Isn't it about time we stopped fawning over these imaginary gods and their "laws".
Should flag burning be a crime?
The most popular response I don't agree with but immediately after that are a whole batch of calls for the retention of freedom of speech:
Three words: Freedom of speech.

A flag is a piece of cloth and no amount of flag burning will destroy a country.

Legislating to ban flag burning, however, will destroy the ideals and freedoms the country stands for.

Zoltan, Southampton
And maybe most tellingly on the timezone we live in:
Yes we should change to a new time zone. Granted it would be most benefit to people living in England and Wales but seeing as the vast majority of the population live in that part of the UK then we should do it. Im sorry but keeping Scotland happy at the expense of peoples lives simply isnt acceptable. Scotland is an independant nation now and if the Scottish people want to keep the existing timezone then that is up to them but they should have no say over England or Wales choice.

[swright7], Oxford, United Kingdom
I think the solution will probably be TAX.

peter yaren
Meanwhile, in focus-group land politicians are talking about the latest funding debacle and worrying about how they can continue without taxing us all for the privilege of their existence. Not once do the politicians ask themselves whether their failure to obtain donations is anything to do with their policies. No, instead they suggest we should all pay for them because fewer people choose to!

But then what do they expect? If focus groups make them think that we want green taxes (I don't) from both parties then we have to question their value.

A party whose policies were based on BBC's Have Your Say would be far better than any of the incumbents... One of my main concerns has been Labour's hatred of cars -- if the Conservatives have joined them then I despair.

We need a party whose policies are for individual freedom, low tax, fewer laws and, above all, fairness. I retain a small amount of hope that Cameron is leading that party -- I will wait for the policy commissions to report.

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