On veils

So it is clear that the majority of Britons feel we should stop bending over backwards to put 'our' way of life behind that of immigrant cultures. I agree.

What are Cameron and Theresa May up to? They've taken a more left-wing and unpopular view than the Labour Party...

And this while Manchester police are going to change how the arrest Muslims. Surely as a part of youth culture is to lay in bed all morning we should not have dawn raids any more where the suspects are under twenty-five years old? Maybe we shouldn't arrest any Hindus today (Diwali) and no Jews on Saturday?


Islam does not need us to bend over backwards for it -- it should be treated the same as any other religion. If you want to teach you must where appropriate clothing (one that allows us to be sure that their teacher is who they say they are and that allows them to be heard/lip-read). Let's remember that the MCB said that teaching is a profession that cannot be carried out by wearers of the full-head veil.

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