NH yeS - relevant?

I watched a recording of the Conservative's Monday-night Party Election Broadcast last night and I must say I was confused.

The elections tomorrow are for local Councils: Borough, District or Unitary. They are for all sorts of services (depending upon the type of Council) from libraries, local roads and schools (Unitary) to Council housing, leisure centres and refuse/recycling collection (Borough and District). There's plenty to talk about, and plenty to be proud of for Conservative Councils.

So why was Cameron talking about the NHS? The NHS is the one public service thing that local government has little control over. Yes, it's important to show that the Conservatives are the ones who are more likely to reform the NHS (they always have been, despite the neglect of the 1980s), but that's not the fight these elections represent.

If you are voting tomorrow, then know this: Your vote will decide whether you pay for Council waste through your Council taxes or whether your Council works tirelessly to stop central government's policies from costing Council Tax payers too much.

You should vote Conservative tomorrow, not because we're saying warm things about the NHS, but because we almost always run Councils better than the LibDems or Labour.


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