The BNP as protest

Is it any wonder that the BBC's Have Your Say implies the BNP will make gains tomorrow? In a country where political opinion (if not considered appropriate by the state) is illegal (evidence here and here), what chance of an honest, racist manifesto from the BNP?

People everywhere say "The BNP aren't racist — check their manifesto". But their manifesto could not be published if it were racist, so that's no argument surely.

I agree with those who say they will vote BNP, that the movement of Blair and Cameron to the middle ground has left an ideological hole on the political extremes (more commonly referred to as the location of the silent majority). But that doesn't mean that a vote for extremists is any less dangerous.

The BNP should be feared and if you must protest abstain or vote UKIP. Of course, if you realise what the local elections are about, a vote for the Conservatives is the right option (see my last post).


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