Fox hunting

In the news today, Theresa May admitted she would allow a free vote on Fox Hunting in the next parliament. This is a disastrous thing to say. Some Conservatives are saying that a free vote (one where there is no party policy on which to base the vote) is not the same as a manifesto pledge to bring it back, but the trouble is, if there's a majority as we suspect there might have been, then it is likely that fox hunting would be legalised.
And destroying an animal in a non-humane way is not what modern Britain is about. If you are a typical animal-loving Brit, do you now question whether you can vote for the Conservatives? I think you might. And that is a dangerous thing for a party to do, when the opposition is such a colossal mess. This election is in the bag only if stupid things are not done. And if it goes the wrong way, it's not like we end up with Tory Blair - we really could end up electing Michael Foot or Harold Wilson, but worse!
Fox hunting is cruel, Conservatives are purporting not to be, let's leave it there - not muddy the waters with the legalisation of cruelty to foxes.

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