Voting Conservative

As this is a political blog, it seems odd of me not to mention how I will be voting on 8 June. Even though I am out of the country at the moment, I will vote by proxy and I will vote - unsurprisingly - for the Conservative Party.

I genuinely believe Theresa May is one of the best Prime Ministers we've had in my lifetime. She's clever, decisive and economically competent. She is the steadiest of hands to negotiate the most important deal the UK has ever negotiated.

As a euroskeptic ever since I realised that the EU was not interested in genuine democracy, I am not at all concerned about having to rely upon WTO trade like every other grown up country. It's not harmed the USA, Japan, South Korea or Australia, and it won't harm us.

That said, if Theresa May can negotiate a better deal for the UK than just WTO rules, then that would be great.

And can you really imagine Jeremy Corbyn doing that? He wouldn't know where to start.

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