Office online in the wrong language

I am using a PC which is not mine, and so I do not want to sign into OneNote on its installed copy. Therefore, I was trying to use it online, which is a decent alternative. Unfortunately, because I am in Thailand, the user interface was all in Thai, and I could not work out how to change it, not least because Thai script is pretty tricky to read: กาด่หา่าืหกดา่ำดำ่าิ (hopefully that doesn't say anything - it was just a keyboard mash!)
Anyway, I Googled as much as I could and could find nothing. Until I noticed the URI for has
in amongst the other arguments. So I returned to OneNote and added
into the URI and it loaded exactly as I wanted!
Weirdly, amending the URI to have &ui=th-TH in place of en-GB did not return things to the way they were, so if you don't want to upset the PC's owner, I suggest you use an Incognito window in Chrome.

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