Questions for Britain

So my proxy vote worked! Declaration of interest: I voted Leave.
I'm pro-Europe, anti-EU and I wish it could be a federal republic, but it isn't and even if it were, Britain would remain an awkward partner, not participating.
But now we've won the vote, we have some questions. Here is a brain-dump of all the things I wonder:
  1. Why is there financial turmoil today? Even if Cameron had invoked Article 50 this morning, there wouldn't be any impact on EU trade or legislation for two years at a minimum. I have an answer to this one: Because Remain talked up turmoil. They listed all the things that could go wrong economically so as to Project Fear us into Remaining, and instead they created market instability
  2. Will the UK continue to follow EU Regulations and Directives that it has adopted. Particularly relevant examples for me include:
    1. Food labelling rules (because I'm coeliac); and
    2. Solvency II (because I'm a Risk Manager by career).
  3. Will Scotland get a new referendum?
  4. Will Northern Ireland troubles restart and/or will they get a referendum?
  5. Will Wales want to continue to be coupled to just England?
  6. Will Gibraltar be happy being British/English?
  7. Will things formerly British, like North Sea fishing, need negotiation, or just return to the way they were pre-CFP?
  8. Which company will be the first to benefit; Tate & Lyle, JCB or Dyson?

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